Heidi Winslow - Founder

Founder of Core - Heidi began working in the wellness world 3 decades ago at The Sports Medicine Institute in Aspen Colorado. She assisted Dr. Bruno Balke and Dr. Julie Anthony with stress tests while also working as a private trainer and PT assistant. Being a ski instructor and competitive runner, she was looking for effective conditioning techniques to share with clients. 

Her eagerness to find new ways to help clients rehab from injuries, combined with her curiosity about methods of strength training led her to study Pilates in Boulder, CO.  After a move to Telluride Colorado, she became the co-founder of Workout, a fitness studio.  She studied and practiced Ashtanga yoga and created and taught  Core Connect Method class which incorporates moves from Pilates, Bare and yoga for improving strength and flexibility. 

Moving to the east coast in 2006, Heidi began developing Core Retreats and opened Core Training. She also began her study and practice of mindfulness and meditation.  Wanting to bring the philosophy of Core to others for an optimal approach to wellbeing, she partners with other talented, inspirational practitioners and teachers to create successful, meaningful workshops and retreats in the US and abroad. The Core team is always growing and expanding.

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The Team

Emily McCavanagh

Core Retreats Team Member -  Emily is one of Boston’s leading health and wellness enthusiasts with a unique ability to personally inspire and motivate those ready to discover and embark on their lifelong fitness journey. Emily is owner of the F.I.T. House in Manchester-by-the-sea and has been training clients through out MA & beyond for 15 years. She believes that "only once you have accepted yourself on the inside can you truly improve what is on the outside". 

Ariana Spiros

Core Retreats Team Member - Arianna has taught classes and workshops in the US and abroad. Currently Katonah Yoga has the most the most influence on her practice and therefor her teaching. She teaches refined alignment and it's impact on organ function, as well as how habits of movement parallel patterns of thinking and how metaphor can be such a potent tool during asana practice. She seamlessly combines music, joy, sacred geometries and theories of nature into her flow classes.