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Mindful Fitness, Nutrition, & Meditation


Heidi Winslow of Core and Ariana Spiros of Kalí Zoë


Have partnered to offer three and five night specialty retreats -

Introducing Core & Kali Zoe classes:

Core class 

 A dynamic flow style of movement incorporating resistance strengthening and stretching.

Learn how to move with an energetic muscular and skeletal connection for power, extension, grace and balance .

Kali Zoe class

 Refine alignment through movement in order to positively effect organ function. Learn how habits of movement parallel patterns of thinking and how metaphor can be such a potent tool during asana practice.


Learn basic, healthy, nutrition information for living with balanced energy, a strong immune system and optimal wellbeing.


Learn simple, helpful techniques for both formal and informal meditation and mindfulness practices. 

Leisure & activities

Sunrise beach walks .  SUPing .  Biking . Journaling . Cooking Classes . Sunset Horseback Riding . Swimming . Massage


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