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Introducing Core & Kalí Zoë 3 day Retreats at the Shore Club in South Beach

Starting January 2018

Join Heidi Winslow of Core and Arianna Spiros of Kalí Zoë

 The first Sunday of every month through Wednesday  November - May


Core class 

A dynamic flow style of movement incorporating resistance strengthening and stretching while

integrating an energetic connection for strength balance and synergy.

Kalí Zoë class

 An exploration of movement blended from flowing Vinyasa, Katonah, and Hatha practices.

Learn how to align the body for better function, deepen poses with use of metaphor and find joy in movement.


Learn basic, healthy, nutrition information for living with balanced energy, a strong immune system and optimal wellbeing.


Learn simple, helpful techniques for both formal and informal meditation and mindfulness practices. 

Leisure & activities

Sunrise beach walks .  SUPing .  Biking . Journaling . Cooking Classes . Sunset meditation . Swimming . Massage


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